John Sisk & Son Bet365 World HQ Site

Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers successfully tendered for the complete demolition of the former Sentinel Building on Forge Lane, Stoke On Trent by the Principal Contractor John Sisk & Son Ltd

The Site has been recently acquired by BET 365 whom are centralising all operations to this site circa November 2015.

When Sandbach took control of the site the previous occupants had vacated although all buildings were still electrically live. Sandbach obtained and managed key elements in the demolition process such as corresponding with local authorities and obtaining site specific surveys.

All aspects of demolition required a tailored approach. Sandbach Provided all RAMS and on site and liaised with Sisk the Principal contractor with the daily management on the project.

The Project was completed within the optimistic programme and budget with out accident or injury following Sisks strict policies and procedures.

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