Scrap Metal in Crewe

Scrap Metal in CreweYour scrap metal in Crewe is needed by Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. Every year in the UK approximately 13 million tonnes of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, are recycled. When you consider what that would look like if dumped into a landfill, the quantity is staggering. However, most metals have less than a 50% recovery rate. So there is still a lot of important work to be done. It’s not so difficult to collect the metals from large items like end-of-life vehicles. They’re big and take up space so people look for a way to get rid of them. Because of their weight, scrap dealers pay a tidy sum to car owners making it worth their while to call us. Industrial scrap from demolition and clear outs is our speciality. We place skips on site for manufacturers to collect their scrap so their work area is cleared and we pay them a fair price for this free service.

If that is only half the scrap metal then you may wonder where is the rest of it? There is still, in Crewe, tonnes of scrap metal waiting to be recycled so what is the holdup? We think if all the bits and pieces of scrap metal languishing in the corners of garages or tucked away in basements were brought to us for recycling it would put a big dent in that scrap metal recycling deficit. Unfortunately many of these pieces will eventually find their way into a landfill.

Recycling scrap metal in Crew diverts it from landfills into raw material for new products. Working with recycled metals to manufacture new products uses a fraction of the natural resources new metals require. That is responsible utilisation of our resources and keeps our carbon footprint low. Clean out your storage areas and contact us. If you need more incentive, make it a community event to raise money for charity. Great things are accomplished for our environment and the special needs of a community when a lot of people do a little bit. That old rusted plumber’s wrench that has been in the basement since before you even moved in is a good place to start.