Demolition in Newcastle-under-lyme

Demolition in Newcastle-under-lymeDemolition in Newcastle-under-Lyme calls for the independent industry leader, Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. Our reputation for technologically advanced demolition in the industry is naturally followed up with being the safest. We have been honoured with safety awards throughout our many years of service. We can do purchase and removal, decommissioning, dismantling, demolition and if no other option is available controlled explosions. However, most of our demolition work is undertaken with the use of high reach machinery. We are equipped for the dismantling of any refinery, manufacturing, foundry, quarry, chemical, shipbuilding and more. During the process, asbestos is likely to be found and we manage that according to government standards.

During the course of our work, we consistently deal with environmentally sensitive situations such as chemical plants, refineries, quarries and more. In Newcastle-under-Lyme, demolition is undertaken using the most innovative and up to date equipment and safety measures to protect our workers and avoid local contamination or environmental danger. Demanding logistics call for the level of innovation and expertise that we have achieved. The time commitment for a complete demolition and clean up is provided along with the price bid. Sometimes that time commitment is significant. Prior to demolition, we strip the building of everything that is not structural including doors, walls, floor coverings, ceilings, plumbing and electrical fixtures, pipes and wires and more. Some of it will have to be treated as hazardous materials and disposed of. Much of it can be set aside and categorised for recycling or reuse.

By the time demolition in Newcastle-under-Lyme takes place, the site is cleared of everything except the supporting structure. We determine the best method of bringing the structure down based on surroundings, size of the building and construction material. Some of that material will serve for reuse in new projects. The site is left clean and uncontaminated. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers regardless of the size of your demolition project. We are a large company equipped to complete most jobs with our own in house technicians. We have spent many years proving our reliability and skill dealing with all manner of obstacles. Our clients’ satisfaction is always our goal but we make sure achievement is accomplished using the highest safety standards.