Professional Demolition Contractor in Northwich for Demolition and site Clearance

Demolition Contractor in Northwich Go with experience when choosing a demolition contractor in Northwich. We established Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers over 34 years ago. During that time we’ve undertaken the demolition and site clearance of projects of every type. Here’s the thing; every building, ship, plane, rocket, amusement park, train, truck and car has to eventually be dismantled and demolished at the end of its usefulness. As a society, we just don’t leave that stuff laying around anymore. Good thing too or we’d all be buried under tons of rubble and steel.Not only does it have to be demolished in some way, but the task must be carried out safely both physically and environmentally.

At Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers, we safely and successfully develop the right solution for the demolition of even the most environmentally sensitive structure. When you need cost effective solutions in Northwich, a demolition contractor will bring the job in on time and within budget. We offer our clients a custom demolition package of services designed by our engineers that includes site assessment and management, a project plan of action, and the necessary health and safety forms. Your proposal package may be based on demolition through specialised machinery or, when needed, explosion. Either way, we first strip the structure of all recyclable and reusable items. We may also need to remove hazardous materials before bringing down the structure. We ultimately demolish an empty shell keeping disposable waste to an absolute minimum.

Our history as a demolition contractor in Northwich is one of excellent management and client satisfaction. We bring the job in safely, on time and within budget as quoted. We are the leading demolition contractor and we’ve earned that position with ethical business practices and a safety checked reliable crew. Our team is experienced in all the services we provide leading up to demolition and the follow up site clearance. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers when seeking structural demolition solutions. When you check our track record we think you’ll feel confident in our knowledge and experience in all aspects of the project. Consider our additional services of domestic and commercial scrap metal collection and recycling, including end of life cars.