Demolition Contractor in Congleton, Independent, Well-Established and Experienced

Demolition Contractor in CongletonSandbach Commercial Dismantlers, demolition contractor in Congleton, is a leader throughout the UK because of our multi-discipline capabilities and expertise. Our independent company has been established for over 35 years. Our experience includes manufacturing complexes, refineries, foundries, shipbuilding, chemical and more. Demolition is a science that requires many levels of expertise and each project is unique. It has to be evaluated and planned from multiple angles to achieve a clean and safe site clearing. We can do partial site clearings as well with expert precision. Preparing a building for demolition takes more time than the actual removal. Preparation, demolition and clean up are each strategic operations. Each must be carried out with the health and safety of our workers and the general public as the top priority.

When we plan a demolition, each aspect requires controlled planning. In Congleton, a demolition contractor needs experience working under many kinds of conditions often surrounded by hazardous materials. Dependable, cutting edge equipment for every eventuality is essential. Our teams have acquired the skills, equipment and experience needed for almost any job. Therefore, we are able to carry out all work in house without depending on sub contractors. That allows our project managers to control the demolition every step of the way and communicate effectively with clients. Our crews work efficiently but often demolition projects take a great deal of time. Clients like having a one point of communication to monitor the job progress.

As a demolition contractor in Congleton, we first dismantle. Buildings are full of valuable recyclable materials. We remove all the iron, copper, and other metals for the recycling market. If there are hazardous materials, we must safely remove them and dispose of them according to government environmental guidelines. We choose the best method for final demolition for each project, then leave you with a clean site. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers for a quote. We love making room for progress and helping to salvage materials for reuse in the buildings of tomorrow. When a building has outlived its usefulness, we’re here to make room by clearing some space.