You can Rely on Expert Commercial Dismantlers in Holmes Chapel

Commercial Dismantlers in Holmes ChapelWhen it’s time to bring it down, commercial dismantlers in Holmes Chapel, Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers is who you want to call. We are the number one independent dismantling and demolition contractor in the UK. Our operations extend throughout Europe. So wherever you are located, we’re interested in buying and dismantling the equipment from quarries, foundries, manufacturing operations and more. Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers will have the most cost effective solution for your dismantling and demolition projects. We bring 34 years of experience  and the latest safety equipment and technology to your project. When it’s time to clear the site, count on our expertise.

During the process of dismantling and site clearance, we maintain communication with our customers. In Holmes Chapel, commercial dismantlers from our crew can complete some small jobs in a day while a large factory complex could take months. It’s critical to maintain communication so we and the property owner are on the same page regarding scheduling and site management. This is especially important when we’re doing partial site dismantling. Each job is different and may or may not include disconnections, packing, shipping or reorganising. Whatever the content, our own staff is equipped to manage the dismantling safely. That includes asbestos removal. If it’s in there, we need to get it out and disposed of before dismantling or demolition.

Commercial dismantlers in Holmes Chapel carry out a wide variety of dismantling projects which require a different type of plan and management to complete. If you are preparing for demolition our team will dismantle and remove all waste such as non-structural walls, doors, plumbing and electrical and much more. Our engineers work closely with customers to lay out a plan of action that we can all agree on. We have an impressive fleet of transport vehicles selected specifically for commercial dismantling and transport of waste. Contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers for any sized job from a soft dismantling to salvage recyclables to total demolition and site clean-up. We do the preparatory work as well as site assessment and manage the required health and safety documentation. Rest assured, you can rely on our team.