Commercial Dismantler in Macclesfield, UK’s Leading Independent Demolition Contractor

Commercial Dismantler in MacclesfieldA commercial dismantler in Macclesfield revels in helping to make old things new and useful once again. Almost everything loses its usefulness over time. Old factories, school buildings, government buildings and even shopping malls. Trains, planes and automobiles come to rest at our commercial site, often in pieces. All of it needs replacing. However, first we have to get rid of the old stuff. Some of it contains toxic materials that need special handling and disposal. Other parts are valuable metal or rubber materials. We recycle and use these to make new products. It’s brilliant for business and for the planet. We end up with far less waste and we use far less raw materials.

For clients in Macclesfield, a commercial dismantler like ours began over 34 years ago.  We’ve seen many changes in the way we recycle and reuse materials. We’re proud to be part of the solution. Hence, our capabilities extend to complete site clearance. Perhaps it is an old factory building you need stripped and demolished to make way for a modern new high rise. Or, perhaps grain bins and silos need to come down so a new housing development can begin. As such, no matter what your requirements, our expert team is available to assist you with a professional and efficient service. Moreover, as the UK’s leading independent demolition contractor, we’re proud to deliver the safest demolition solutions in the industry.

As a commercial dismantler in Macclesfield, we have the skills and equipment to carry out a safe site clearance. Furthermore, we accept domestic and commercial scrap metals and end of life vehicles. Therefore, we can arrange for collection of your scrap when you need it at your commercial business.  As such, we pay honest prices for any and all scrap metals, domestic or commercial. Contact us at any time for more information. Furthermore, we have the full licenses and insurance, and work according to British standards and environmental directives.