Expert Scrap Metal Service in Congleton for All Your Requirements

Scrap Metal Service in CongletonAn expert scrap metal service in Congleton is available to both industrial and commercial clients. If your business has a large amount of scrap metal that needs to be disposed of, we can assist. We can collect the scrap metal from your site, or of you prefer, you are welcome to bring it to us. Our expert team has over 34 years of experience in plant dismantling, demolition and site clearance services. We also offer a range of other services pertaining to scrap metal. As such, these include scrapping of vehicles, skip hire, and scrap metal recycling for both domestic and commercial clients.

Recycling scrap metal plays an important role in any business. As such, in Congleton, a scrap metal service enables both businesses and households to recycle their scrap metal pieces. On top of that, we pay for your scrap metal and pay the current value of your scrap. Therefore, not only will you be doing your part in the recycling effort, you will also make a little extra money. Further, businesses can choose to hire a scrap metal skip to ensure the safe storage of the scrap metal on their property. Hence, when the skip is full, give us a ring to arrange a collection and we will take it off your hands. Additionally, our scrap skips can be delivered free of charge at your site, and there is no charge for the collection of the scrap metal.

Additionally, a scrap metal service in Congleton includes the scrapping of old vehicles. Further, if you have any vehicle, whether it is running or not, we can responsibly scrap it at out authorised treatment facility. As such, we can collect the vehicle from you, dismantle it and will also pay for the scrap metal. Moreover, an excellent way to scrap metal, you can also be assured that this process is responsibly and effectively completed. Therefore, once the process is complete, we send you a certificate of destruction as your proof that the vehicle is correctly scrapped. Furthermore, when you need a scrap metal service that you can rely on, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers. As such, from start to finish, our scrap metal service is reliable, efficient and professional.