Rely on the Experts for Disposal of Specialist Materials in Biddulph

Specialist Materials in BiddulphIf you are not sure how to safely dispose of specialist materials in Biddulph, we can help you. Waste management in the North West is a sensitive issue. Local authorities and communities expect you to find safe, environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your waste. Specialist materials are particularly challenging. Many specialist materials have recyclable components and parts with a reasonable resale value. As such, waste management companies purchase waste materials and equipment for resale. Such companies sort and grade the waste before recycling, repurposing or reselling them to interested dealers.

Our company has built a name as a leading dealer in scrap metals in the North West. In Biddulph, specialist materials are rare. Our company offers demolition and equipment dismantling services to several industries in the UK. These services give us access to quality specialist materials before disposal. We specialise in the purchase and removal of old equipment from factories and other industrial facilities. When we dismantle machinery, we can select the items of value before disposal. We also collect and dismantle old cars. We issue a certificate of destruction (COD) for every disposed of vehicle. Also, when we collect your car for disposal, we issue instant payments.

Dealing in scrap metal puts us in a unique position to access specialist materials in Biddulph. Our company meets all the regulatory requirements for operation in the scrap metal and demolition industry. In effect, we are a BMRA and Caretakeback licensed and inspected organisation. We use high-quality demolition equipment to enhance the efficiency of our operations. If you have any machinery or old cars lying around, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today. We can come and collect it directly from you if necessary. With more than 34 years of experience in the industry, we know all the ins and outs of the trade. Over time we have developed excellent relationships with our dealers.