Our Professionals Recycle Specialist Materials in Congleton

Specialist Materials in CongletonIf you’re looking for a reliable and profitable way to scrap specialist materials in Congleton, we tick all the right boxes. We have more than three decades’ experience in this sector. Our services are available across the UK and Europe. You can rely on us for top quality plant dismantling, demolition and site clearance. We also purchase domestic and commercial scrap and car scrap. Hence, we offer a convenient skip hire service so that you can store and transport a larger collection of scrap materials. We understand the dynamic nature of this business, and strive to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, most of our business comes to us via customers who have 100% satisfaction with our services.

For our clients in Congleton, specialist materials scrap is a niche business that only experts can undertake. Today, with the rise of new technologies, scrap materials such as cobalt, indium, yttrium and lithium are used extensively. They are essential for low-carbon technologies. At the end of life stage of appliances and devices that contain these materials, people dump them in landfills. This causes huge health risks, contamination of soil and ground water and pollution. Experts say that there must be more stringent recycling rules for such materials. They are valuable and very expensive to mine and source. Further, they are critical in the manufacture of disk drives, EV’s, batteries for EV’s, and different types of lighting solutions. These materials naturally occur in some countries which face political instability. There is no guarantee about their supply. That is why it’s critical that they are responsibly recycled.

Different types of machinery also contain specialist materials in Congleton and elsewhere. We also offer to buy aeroplanes, tanks, trains and complex machinery. They may contain valuable metals. We can also purchase precious metals such as platinum, gold or titanium if you wish to scrap items that contain them. Since prices fluctuate continuously, we strive to give you up to date rates on your specialist materials. Hence, we base this on their quantity, age, grade and condition. For assistance with recycling specialist materials, contact Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers today. You can rely on us to monetise your scrap.